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Size: 1,294 Sqft.

Sector: Real Estate

Service: Acquisitions

Address: Covent Garden

Type: Conventional Office


Known for managing diverse retail properties, Munroe K sought a location that would better suit their operational needs.

They tasked SHB with finding an office that met specific criteria; a budget of £97.50 p/Sqft., a size of around 1,294 Sqft. and a pre-fitted space to minimise additional costs and downtime.

SHB conducted a thorough market analysis, assessed various properties, and negotiated with owners to secure the best terms. Their efforts led to the identification and acquisition of an ideal office in Covent Garden. The new 1,294 Sqft. office was within budget and provided a strategic location with superior fit-out compared to their previous space.

Munroe K was highly satisfied with the outcome, this successful relocation highlights SHB’s ability to deliver tailored property solutions, ensuring client needs are met efficiently and within budget.