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Lease Advisory Lease Advisory Lease Advisory Lease Advisory Lease Advisory

Size: 3,387 Sqft.

Sector: Oil & Gas

Service: Lease Advisory

Address: London, UK

Type: Conventional Office


Interconnector, a London-based Oil & Gas company, plays a crucial role in providing a strategic energy link between the UK and continental Europe, facilitating the liberalisation of energy markets across the continent. Interconnector sought SHB’s expertise to conduct a Stay vs. Go analysis for their office on Buckingham Street in Central London. The primary objective was to secure the best possible deal for their office space.

SHB approached this task by thoroughly evaluating the options, considering Interconnector’s set budget and specific requirements. After careful analysis and negotiation, SHB concluded that staying in their current 3,387 Sqft. office was the optimal choice for Interconnector. This decision provided them with the best value without exceeding their budget.

This case highlights SHB’s capability to deliver effective property solutions by closely aligning with client needs and ensuring optimal outcomes within budget constraints.