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Hello! Magazine

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Size: 7,560 Sqft.

Sector: Media

Service: Acquisitions

Address: London, UK

Type: Conventional Office

Website: https://www.hellomagazine.com/

Hello! Magazine is a renowned international weekly publication celebrated for its extensive coverage of celebrity news, exclusive interviews, and captivating photo shoots. Established as ‘Hola!’ in Spain in 1944, the English language version, Hello!, debuted in the United Kingdom in 1988. Over the years, the magazine has solidified its reputation as a leading voice in entertainment journalism, offering readers unparalleled insights into the lives of celebrities, royalty, and other prominent figures.

Recently, SHB undertook the task of locating a larger workspace for Hello! Magazine that could accommodate their entire team on a single floor, ideally in a fully fitted condition. Despite a tight budget and limited market options, SHB successfully secured an office space spanning 7560 Sqft. This move allowed Hello! to consolidate their operations efficiently while meeting their operational and spatial requirements.