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Five reasons to base your business in Mayfair

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By Holly Sherwood

It is no secret that Mayfair is one of the most prestigious names in England. Located in the West End of Central London, Westminster, it is one of the most exclusive and expensive areas in the UK and is home to high-class shopping, swanky cocktail bars and an abundance of fine dining restaurants.

Yearly, it attracts business owners and high-end workers from all around the world. Being just a short walk from areas like Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Bond Street and Park Lane, it is the ideal place to base your business.

Here are five reasons why you should move to Mayfair.


With Mayfair being in the heart of West-End London it provides a perfect spot for easy daily commuting. It has excellent tube connections; the Central Line stops along Marble Arch, Oxford Street, Bond Street and Oxford Circus to the North. Piccadilly Circus to Green Park is on the Piccadilly Line to the South, as well as Hyde Park Corner of Knightsbridge. Moreover, you will have an outstanding address on your business cards and website, which will be more of an appeal to potential clients and workers.

Aesthetics and Architecture

Being one of the most sought-after places in London comes with many benefits, including exquisite buildings and sophisticated historical architecture. Picture 18th century interior with a touch of modernisation. This is what you will find when searching for your dream office space. Wherever you look you can be guaranteed character and beauty, which will be sure to make your workday more relaxed and productive, not to mention impressing all your clients. Do not let the 18th century feel put you off though, as you are guaranteed to find every modern-day office asset in these properties – what more could you ask for! It truly is the perfect place to base yourself and your company.  

Networking Connections

As previously mentioned, Mayfair is one of the most (if not the most) prestigious areas in London. Yearly it attracts an abundance of people from workers to tourists. This will highly benefit your company as it increases the exposure to a variety of people, all of which could be potential clients or help boost your company. Being based in Mayfair also means high-end neighbours. This is perfect for small and upcoming companies as you will be able to network with plenty of established companies. This will provide huge benefits in the long run with more connections, exposure and possible collaborations. Overall, your company will be well-respected and flourishing in no time.  


It is easy to forget that Mayfair isn’t just a place for the wealthy, but it also holds an abundance of history. Grosvenor’s Square was the first garden square shaped as an oval and built in the 1720’s for the marriage of Sir Thomas Grosvenor and heiress Mary Davis. This historical landmark attracts tourists all year round, which is perfect for spreading the word of your company and the work you do Furthermore, it adds character and more means for interest in the area, drawing people in.  

Social Scene

With hundreds of thousands of people visiting Mayfair yearly, there is a constant bustling atmosphere. This provides the perfect opportunity to attract new talent, because let’s be honest, who wants to work in the middle of nowhere? It is also a lot easier to meet clients, which means your work will run smoother! In addition, you are surrounded by an unlimited choice of fine dining restaurants and swanky cocktail bars which you can treat yourself and your staff too.

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By Holly Sherwood

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