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SHB launches partnership with Plastics For Change

At SHB we’re committed to our planet and its people, which is why we’ve launched a new partnership with Plastics For Change.

Working together we will recover ocean-bound plastic and give directly towards the incomes of waste pickers in Bengaluru, India. Our partnership will help improve the lives of waste pickers, by providing access to more sanitary working conditions and fairer wages.

SHB will save at least 50kg of ocean-bound plastic for every deal completed.  

Plastic pollution is a global crisis, but one that unfairly impacts developing countries and those living in poverty. Every 30 seconds 33 double-decker busloads of plastic waste are burned or dumped in developing countries, and in India, almost a third of waste is uncollected.

This has led to 1.5m people informally working as ‘waste pickers’ in India, their valuable work is having a monumental impact on the future of our planet. Through our partnership with Plastics For Change, we are working with a group of waste pickers from Bengaluru, who call themselves ‘The Green Force.’ The Green Force, and more than 10m other informal waste collectors from across the world are marginalised and live in poverty, which makes them vulnerable to poor working conditions.

We’re partnered with Plastics For Change because we’re fighting for better conditions for both our planet and its people.

Annamma’s story

Annamma has been waste picker since she was a small child, but with the help of Plastics for Change she received managerial training and is now manager of a Dry Waste Collection Centre in India.

She employs mainly women who have little opportunity to work in senior positions in the waste management industry.

Annamma has a daughter who is attending a plastic engineering course and Annamma hopes her daughter will one day work in a senior role, improving the waste management industry.

Shaktiman’s Story

Shaktiman started work as a waste picker, through the Plastics For Change growth programme, he now works as a Van Unit Operator. He collects waste from commercial and residential buildings and sorts it correctly so it can be sustainably repurposed.

We are committed to giving back to our planet and its people and we are proud to announce that for every deal we do at SHB we will save at least 50kg of ocean-bound plastic.

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