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Size: 45 desks

Sector: Not-for-profit

Service: Flexible Workspace

Address: 15 Alfred Place

Type: Serviced Office


Radiocentre office space

Radiocente were originally working with our surveyors exploring conventional options.  After a few weeks it became apparent that a serviced office would be more appropriate for the evolving way the client was using their office space.

This was a complex project because there were several subsidiaries that had been subletting space from Radiocentre, that also required office space.  The brief was that all 4 businesses still needed to be within the same building and in offices next to one another.  Each business had their own list of wants, needs and budget expectations.  We also had a very tight search area in which to find a space that suited everyone, with the client wanting to be no more the 5 minutes walk from their previous office.

For a serviced office project our time spent with the client was much longer than a typical job, spending over a year exploring various options and reassuring the client that although they were unable to secure an office so far in advance, that when the time was right, we would be able to find them the ideal space.  The client found it unnerving that they had to give their notice on their lease without having their next office secured.  Due to the differing markets it is not possible to secure serviced office space much more than 3 months prior to occupation.

We managed to find a space large enough to accommodate all requirements with minimal modifications, meaning minimal cost to the client.  Each unit was offered on separate licence agreements meaning each business got to agree their own terms, allowing ultimate flexibility and the individuality each business required.

Radiocentre external office